Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Vampire Bites Faery Tale

Be careful what you wish author just may give it to you.

I was touched to learn that Temptation in Time had made enough of an impression on some readers that they took the time to write to me and ask when my next story would come out and encouraged me to keep writing. It was so much fun getting those e-mails that I felt like I should do something in return. Buy them shoes? Send chocolates? Oh, wait. They asked for something. They asked for more stories and quickly.

So one weekend, I dusted off the opening of an urban fantasy that I had cut some time earlier from a longer work in progress. It was only a snippet of a scene, maybe a thousand words long. I renamed the lead character and started dreaming up an erotic romance scenario. Pretty soon morning turned into afternoon which turned into night. And the story was nearly complete. It would be a very short novella titled, Blood & Honey.

I knew that it would be too short for the print publishing markets and that, even if I did lengthen it and submit it, it would take months and months before it would be available for readers to buy. So I investigated e-publishers, who were pioneers in the erotic romance explosion. I found a publisher where other writers for Red Sage, Angela Knight and Alice Gaines, had published some of their works. The publisher, Changeling Press, had a gorgeous faery icon logo with wings just like the ones I'd imagined for Blood & Honey's fae assassin, Fawn.

I followed the guidelines and sent in a partial. The editor-in-chief responded with stunning quickness. She had read Temptation In Time and liked it, so she wanted to see all of Blood & Honey. It took only about another week to hear back that they had accepted the story. I was delighted. Blood & Honey comes out October 21, 2006. Now I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the ladies who e-mailed, the ones whom I wrote it for, read and enjoy it.


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